Considered one of the most renowned exponents of neo-muralism in Italy, Neve (born in 1986), has hand-painted enormous, hyper-realistic murals on walls throughout Europe and has exhibited works all around the world. His attitude to research is expressed through his experimentation with various techniques and artistic languages, which come together in a harmonious blend of urban art and aesthetic classicism, through his characteristic use of the figurative as a means of expression, as well as a black background, which allows him to represent only the light. From graffiti to street art, from conceptual performance to academic classicism, NEVE enhances his expressive abilities through neo-muralism, creating impressive murals in a hyper-realistic style, with a virtuoso technique in spray paint.

Antrodoco 2021 “La terza Sinfonia” (The Third Symphony)

Location of piece: Wall of a hostel in the town named “Il Castagno” (The Chestnut Tree)

The work is inspired by the third movement of the Third Symphony by German composer Joachim Raff, which is also known as the “Dance of the Dryads”. The artist has chosen to highlight the nature of the local area and its picturesque charm through a realistic depiction of the tree nymphs from the symphony. Just like the tree nymphs, the artwork embodies the region’s strength and abundance of culture, and it is symbolically placed alongside the hostel named “Il Castagno” (the Chestnut Tree), as if to underline this connection with nature that can also be found in the toponymy of businesses and place names in the area, in an interplay of references and metaphorical reflections that seamlessly connects the work of art to its setting.

Techniques: Spray paint on wall

Materials: Spray paint

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