Krayon is an Italian pixel artist who was born in Melfi, based in Rome. After studying industrial and graphic design, he developed a personal language which has been his calling card for some time now. The pixel is the foundational element on which he builds his works with patience and precision. In his works, the design scheme and the handling of the image emerge in its complexity. He has always been influenced by the classical-scientific arts, from the Neo-Impressionism of Seurat to the optical art of Vasarely. During his artistic career, he has painted for many festivals, such as Vedo a Colori (Civitanova Marche), ManuFactory (Comacchio), Blue Flow (Ventotene), Streetart Wine Fest (Marsala), In wall we trust (Airola). In 2015, he created TEXTURA in fest, the first street art festival in his hometown. In 2018, he was hosted in Shenzhen by Jardin Orange as an artist in residence and his works were exhibited during the Shenzhen International Art Fair and Hong Kong Affordable art fair. Some of his works on canvas have entered the permanent collections of the HQB Museum in Shenzhen and the Bank of Italy.

Antrodoco 2022 “Facciamo che io ero…? ” / Let’s pretend I am…

Location of piece: Via Salaria, 30 – Antrodoco (RI) – Italy

Play represents the zenith of creative expression and, through it, children reinvent and transform the world around them. Through play, children are the actors, writers and directors of their own script, all at the same time. And here, in a single moment, reality is mixed with fantasy. A little Indian gallops not on a real horse, but on his rocking horse, surrounded by a ball and a soft toy, which have become his tribe. In his hands, he holds a carpet beater to conquer his imaginary world.
Play helps children grow, to test their limits and the limits of others, while interacting with others.
Long live active play, the world of “Let’s pretend I am…”

Techniques: pixel art, brushes and roller painting on the wall
Materials: rollers, brushes, stencils

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