Calcata – Project 2022

The street artists selected to work in Calcata are also some of the most prominent figures on the national and international scene.

To give a sense of continuity and create a link to the Gallery at Antrodoco, we decided to open with some of the big names in the world of street art: the well-known pair, STEN • LEX, considered by many as the heirs to Banksy and pioneers of the stencil poster, a technique that has made them the most famous Italian urban art duo of the contemporary scene. They were among the select few, along with LUCAMALEONTE, to have been invited to the BANKSY Cans Festival in London.

They are followed by LUCAMALEONTE, who has created an artwork in his unmistakable signature style and stencil technique.

ALESSANDRA CARLONI, an established painter and street artist, completes the round-up of the artists and advocates of street art who embody the artistic spirit of the genre the most.

These artists will transform three locations that best symbolise Calcata Nuova: the town hall, the theatre and the multi-purpose centre, bringing a true “urban gallery” to life. This will form an “open-air gallery”, which has been delevoped as an artistic exhibition itinerary, centred around three key locations in the town, that will transform Calcata into an urban space that is dedicated to art.

The graphic design for the Calcata project has also been curated by WARIOS ONE, part of the international Calligraffiti Ambassadors group, an artistic collective created by SHOE that combines Calligraphy and Graffiti into a unique art form.

Artists and Works of Art

Alessandra Carloni

“Un Gioco Antico”

Alessandra Carloni

“Un volo sulla storia”


“Liberi come gatti”


“Confini XVI”

Calcata – Project 2023

FLY – State of Equilibrium created by Orticanoodles is part of a multi-year, overall development plan to strengthen and enhance the project in the future.

This will involve the expansion of the SCATTERED URBAN GALLERY into key places in the town, which will distinguish them and focus the interest of the local community.

For Orticanoodles, public art is one of the ways of rediscovering the common good through shared recognition”.

The amenities provided by the “gallery” will be extended through the introduction of QR codes linked to each particular artwork, which will add a digital layer to the visitor experience with extra content and descriptions of the artworks and artists, allowing visitors to interact with, and get more enjoyment from, the initiative.

Artists and Works of Art


“FLY – State of Equilibrium”




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