Antrodoco – 2021 Project

The street artists involved in the first edition are some of the most prominent figures on the national and international sceneThe roll call of big names begins with the well-known pair, STEN LEX, considered by many as the heirs of Banksy and pioneers of the stencil poster, a technique that has made them the most famous Italian urban art duo of the moment.

They are followed by LUCAMALEONTE, who has an unmistakable signature style and works primarily in the stencil technique. The fine art of mural painting is represented by NEVE, a portraitist with a special character, whose talents are well recognised in Italy.

ALESSANDRA CARLONI, an established painter and street artist, completes the round-up of the artists and advocates of street art who embody the artistic spirit of the genre the most. These artists have been selected to bring a true “urban gallery” to life, which has been developed as an artistic exhibition itinerary, centred on four key locations, that runs through the City of AntrodocoThis will form an “open-air gallery”, transforming Antrodoco into an urban space that is dedicated to art.

The graphic design for the project has been curated by WARIOS ONE, part of the international Calligraffiti Ambassadors group, an artistic collective created by SHOE that combines Calligraphy and Graffiti into a unique art form.

Artists and Works of Art

Alessandra Carloni

“L’energia del sogno”




“La terza Sinfonia”

Sten Lex


Antrodoco – 2022 Project

The artists chosen for the 2nd edition are also leading names on the national and international scene. The first is KRAYON, an Italian pixel artist who creates his works starting from the smallest digital picture element, the pixel. The pixel is used as the foundational element upon which he builds his art pieces, and his unique design scheme and handling of imagery clearly emerge in his work.

Luis Gomez de Teran is an important exponent of figurative art in Italy who makes use of a form of realism in his art, inspired by Baroque painting, through the use of chiaroscuro and strong contrasts of light and shadow. In this case, using a mixed-media technique, he has modernised a piece of industrial archaeology – a building that was abandoned years ago.

Alice Pasquini is one of the most important exponents of Street Art on a national and international level. Through the use of various techniques, ranging from small stencils on urban furniture to large murals, Pasquini portrays women in everyday, poignant moments of their lives, in environments that are far removed from the woman-object stereotype.

The Italian artist, UNO, from his very first experiences in street art, has demonstrated a penchant for posters, the repetition of iconic elements, collage, decoupage, stencils and everything ephemeral and connected to the street. Through endless repetition and the frequent use of bright colours and fluorescent paint, he plays with advertising techniques and the manipulation of well-known signs and symbols.

Lastly, Lucamaleonte, who has returned for the 2nd edition, with his unmistakable style and his poetic approach based on the interweaving of elements from the natural and animal world. These artists have now expanded the footprint of the “open-air gallery” – from the 4 iconic locations included in the 1st edition, the gallery now features less central alleyways and abandoned buildings.

The graphic design for the project was once again entrusted to the artist, Warios One, for this 2nd edition.

Artists and Works of Art

Alice Pasquini


Alice Pasquini

“Aequilibrium – Piccoli interventi”


“Facciamo che io ero…?”


“Gioco senza fine”

Luis Gomez De Teran









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